Merry Christmas and a Very Happy 2016

It’s Christmas eve and I wish you all my dear blogger friends a beautiful and joyful Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2016. May you and your families enjoy good health and well being in mind body and soul!

Lets listen to John Denver’s The Little Drummer Boy!



Moksh simply means eternal bliss. To experience Moksh we need to take a break and liberate ourselves from our monotonous routine. Freak out to a  quiet and serene locale and lose yourself in its stillness and calm. Listen to good music dance and/or do yoga when you feel like it. By being in gratitude meditation will happen on its own. Life is short so lets step out and capture the peace and joy.

I’ve just spent a week in a quaint little rustic place near my town. Through the pictures below I am sharing some of my Moksh moments with you.





Dance with the rhythm of nature



Some of my blogger friends whom I hold in the highest esteem wished I had shared some deeper insight on the word Moksh. Firstly I am thankful to them for feeling free to share their candid views. Well Moksh here is the name of the Retreat place where our group spent a week. Secondly I must admit I am not too much into knowledge based spirituality. My inspiration comes from the wisdom of the masters, my fellow bloggers and from our daily life.

For me Moksh is any moment that I can spend in “BLISS”. We can experience Moksh in a beautiful serene place, in the solitude of your home, when listening to music or painting and in the outdoors trekking or playing sports.

However Swami Sivananda puts it beautifully in words here:


Have a great week ahead. 🙂

Courage happens from a calm mind

Be a kid and enjoy this simple story of  “A Wise Deer and A Cowardly Tiger”  🙂 We can draw a small lesson from it too 🙂

There was a dense forest on the sides of a mountain. Many wild animals lived in the forest. Once a deer was eating leaves and grass with her two young ones. The young ones wandered happily here and there. The deer followed her fawns. The young ones entered a cave. The deer was frightened as it was a tiger’s cave. There were bones of dead animals all over the cave. Fortunately, the tiger was not inside the cave at the time.

As the deer was tried to lead her young ones out of the cave she heard a loud roar and she saw the tiger at a distance. The tiger was coming towards the cave. It was dangerous to go out of the cave now. She thought of a plan. The tiger had come closer to the cave. The deer raised her voice and shouted, “My deer young children do not weep. I shall capture a tiger for you to eat. You can have a good dinner.”

The tiger heard these words. He was disturbed. He said to himself, “Whose is that strange voice from the cave? A dangerous animal is staying inside to capture me. I shall run away to escape death.”

So saying, the tiger began to run away from there as fast as possible.

A jackal saw the running tiger. “Why are you running in great fear?” the jackal asked. The tiger said, “My friend, a powerful and fierce animal has come to stay in my cave. The young ones are crying for a tiger to eat. The mother is promising to capture a tiger for them. So, I am running away in great fear.”

The cunning jackal was now sure. The tiger was a coward. It said to the tiger. “Do not be afraid. No animal is fiercer or stronger than a tiger. Let us go together to find out.”

But the tiger said, “I do not want to take a chance. You may run away. I will be left alone to die. So, I will not come with you.”

The jackal said, “Trust me. Let us knot our tails together. That way I will not be able to leave you.”

The tiger agreed unwillingly to this proposal. The jackal tied their tails in a knot. Now they walked towards the cave together.

The deer saw the jackal and the tiger coming together. She again raised her voice and shouted towards her children standing inside the cave, “My dear children, I had requested her friend, the clever jackal, to capture a tiger for us. Now look the jackal has captured a tiger for us. He has tied the tiger’s tail to his tail. This is to prevent the tiger from escaping. You will soon have the tiger for our dinner.”

The tiger heard this and was shocked. He was sure now the jackal had cheated him. So, the tiger decided to escape from the terrible animal standing inside his cave. He started running. He forgot about the jackal. He dragged the jackal over rocks and thorns. In the mad escape the jackal was caught between two rocks. The tiger pulled with all his might. His tail got cut. The jackal was killed in this incident. The tail-less tiger ran away to another part of the forest.

The deer and her young ones left the tiger’s cave and joined their herd safely. 🙂

Be nothing be Joyful

Our inborn nature is one of Love and Joy! So lets Be JOYFUL


“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river of joy within you” ~ Rumi

Cheers friends have a lovely week-end!  🙂

Rural Indian culture

Shashikant Dhotre a humble and persevering young man whose passion for art made him into an artist whose paintings are awe inspiring. He comes from a remote village from Maharashtra State from a family of meager means. A childhood full of challenges he could afford to draw only with black paper and colored pencils. Yet his intensity and dedication to art bore fruit. His paintings are now considered so realistic and surreal and known to move people to tears. In his short journey his art has received acclaim and he has won several laurels including the coveted Indian Royal Academy and the Bombay Art Society awards.

I am sharing a few of his paintings which capture stunning cultural nuances of the simple village folk in their typical rural setting. The expressions of women and the finer details of their traditional dress are sheer magic.

Thanks to my friend TK who shared these painting.









For more details on Mr. Dhotre and his amazing story a link from Times of India is given below:



Namaste dear friends



MY PRAYER – A guest post

Hi folks Surinder Bonsor has graciously presented this guest presentation to share with you my friends. Surinder is a war veteran and enjoys a socially active life with keen a interest in philosophy and spirituality”. His words “This poem, flowing from the heart, seems to be a universal voice as we grow old and near our end. All souls, though unaware, want to meet their Real Creator, the Eternal Bliss.”

My Prayer

My Prayer

AS I grow old and old,
I want to behold,
THAT power that has a hold upon the young and old;
And holds together vast spaces, suns and all,
In perfect harmony,
To the wondrous amusement of all,
His creations big and small and infinite,
Go round and round in time and space with His command,
Not knowing the One behind this all.

AS I grow old and old,
I wonder what brought me here upon the firmament,
To toil and sweat for food and happiness.
My hunger was quenched with ease,
But happiness was not seen upon the land.
I struggled to find peace and happiness all through life,
But found suffering, pain and war.
Greed of man has snatched the Happiness away.
Each satisfaction brought delight, though pain followed in its way.
I know not what to do, to please my Soul,
In search for eternal Bliss and Happiness?

AS I grow old and old,
I realize this world is not what I want!
It is only a dance of light, energy and thoughts,
Moving around in forms, colours and sound,
To the delight of many and pain to victims of fate.
What use to toil when nothing I can take;
Leaving behind the Body here to merge in original state!
Dust to dust is the tale.

AS I grow old and old,
It dawns upon me what a fool I was!
The Body was given me to return home,
But I wasted it chasing the world of dreams.
Fleeting pleasures I got in plenty,
And thus got lost in the snare of desires, anger and greed
That bound me to the grave.
Not knowing, Real Happiness is not in the chase,
I gave away actions divine that please my Soul.

AS I grow old and old,
Many friends and associations I lose,
Tossed about, like driftwood, upon the turbulent river of life,
Drifting together for a while, we part to be seen no more.
What use it was to attach to things and beings,                        
That belonged not to me and taken away in a sway!
I came and leave without attachments,
That sure, is the way!

As I grow old and old,
I begin to realize, life is a game to play,
To play it well is all that I can do.
To win or lose is not to be thought about,
To the hidden Force within, I surrender,
And shoot the arrow towards my Goal.
That takes me to the Beholden!

Journey inwards!


I often ask myself what does Rumi mean by inward journey? Where is the destination? How far away is it? Is it the same for everyone?

I am sure our destination may not necessarily be somewhere high-up in the Himalayas nor in faraway ashrams. According to to Jaggi Sadhguru the revered spiritual leader “to make a journey you need a distance. What is the distance between you and yourself? How long would it take to make this journey? The word journey is used more as a device, otherwise people will just sit around …!”

So the destination has to be within our Being and one of the ways inwards can be through our breath. Mindful breathing exercises or Pranayama when practiced regularly the negative thoughts pass away and we slip into the present moment effortlessly. Yet I am sure there are several different paths though the destination is the same – a happy and joyful state of mind.

Dear friends do please share your thoughts and of course have a lovely day! 🙂



Beyond Mind

For most of us Liberation would mean becoming free from negative thinking, ego, anxiety, despair and unhappiness. To be free from the continuous chatter and unproductive thinking Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj tells us to find solace beyond the mind. But how does one become free from the conflicting thoughts in our mind? Its almost as if the mind connives with thoughts of our past and of future and keep us in a constant state of fear and uncertainty. Yet we do have our moments of joy, beauty, creativity and bliss though such moments may be few and rare.

Such deep happiness cannot be from the mind but from a source which is found in simple virtues such as nature, spontaneity, awareness, humour, simplicity, humility, empathy creativity, music and the arts and so on. I request you my friends to share your own experience. How do you detach yourselves from the mind, get centered and enjoy moments in peace and contentedness?

Namaste friends


The mythical Brahma Kamal blooms again!

I was thrilled to receive some exciting news from my good friend Brig. Chow a nature lover par excellence. In his own words “Monsoons are an exciting period for many reasons; one of them, for people like me, is the thrilling prospect of seeing the Brahma Kamals in their full glory. Well it was a full Moon on the 1st of July and dot at 9 at night we had a bonanza of these absolutely mesmerizing flowers, seven of them in a magnificent and literally blinding show of Natures charisma”.

Watching the Brahma Kamal bloom is sheer ecstasy more so as it only happens in the stillness of a dark night when nothing else is visible. And therefore it becomes easy to relate the magical effect of the Brahma Kamal’s bloom to the Divine! No wonder why a belief exists that anyone who sees the bloom of this mythical flower is blessed and will have all his or her wishes fulfilled. A Hindi quote I read seemed to convey this divine experience very well. Unfortunately it’s not easy for me to capture the essence of the quote in an English translation. So I request and invite some of my Hindi reader friends to make an attempt which I’d love to share with all our readers.

Well friends our blogger friend Raj (who blogs at has been kind enough to provide an excellent translation of the Hindi quote: Let me translate your Hindi couplet for you: “Who says Almighty is not visible? It is He who can be seen when everything else is invisible.,.”, very much like Brahma Kamal blooming in the dark, if we may say so…”!

Just bloomed

Just bloomed

Chow1 Though this rare phenomenon lasts only for a few hours for one night, it fills the home and heart of the faithful gardener with an abundance of joy and happiness. And as such Edna St. Vincent Millay quote which is also a favorite of Brig. Chow is perfect ~

“My candle burns at both ends; it will not last the night, But Ah my friends and Oh my foes, it gives a lovely light”!

Cheers my dear friends 🙂

The magic of the Himalayas

The Himalayan range is home to over a hundred of the planet’s highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest. The mighty Himalayas command awe and reverence with many believing its magnificence to be a manifestation of the Supreme. No wonder the Himalayas have a deep spiritual ethos where many seekers, Rishis and Buddhist monks became enlightened after years of meditative practice.

Chaukori is a tiny hill station in the Pithoragarh district located in the lofty peaks of the western Himalayan Range in India. Chaukori’s offers a spectacular and panoramic views of snowy peaks of shimmering silver and mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises, verdant valleys and thick forests of pine and oak trees.

A good friend has shared some spectacular glimpses of the Himalayas as viewed from Chaukori and its neighboring points. Please do enjoy 🙂

Morning Glory

Morning Glory


The sentinel

Shimmering silver


An ocean of clouds

An ocean of clouds


View from Chaukori

Pine view


Chaukori 5jpg

Call of the Himalaya



The Sentinel

The Sentinel