Shashikant Dhotre a humble and persevering young man whose passion for art made him into an artist whose paintings are awe inspiring. He comes from a remote village from Maharashtra State from a family of meager means. A childhood full of challenges he could afford to draw only with black paper and colored pencils. Yet his intensity and dedication to art bore fruit. His paintings are now considered so realistic and surreal and known to move people to tears. In his short journey his art has received acclaim and he has won several laurels including the coveted Indian Royal Academy and the Bombay Art Society awards.

I am sharing a few of his paintings which capture stunning cultural nuances of the simple village folk in their typical rural setting. The expressions of women and the finer details of their traditional dress are sheer magic.

Thanks to my friend TK who shared these painting.









For more details on Mr. Dhotre and his amazing story a link from Times of India is given below:



Namaste dear friends




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  1. sindhoooo says:

    Amazing paintings! A salute to the artist…. Thanks for introducing an awesome artist, Dilipji…

    The Arts & Me

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  2. What excellent paintings Dilip.. I love how he captured the Light from both the window and the firelight glow.. Talented artist.. thank you my friend

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  3. ShethP says:

    Wow! Those are beautiful. And yes, the detailing. Amazing.

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  4. Vamagandhi says:

    Great paintings. Reminds me of Raja Ravi Verma.

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  5. Thank you so much, Dilip for sharing these paintings. It’s good learn of a new artist. The colour and light in these are incredible. The artist really draws you in to the private experience of each subject. Very beautiful.

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  6. Ankur Mithal says:

    Wonderful work! Have a high regard for (read as “envy”) people who can express themselves in this manner πŸ™‚ I did not realise there is an institution called “Indian Royal Academy”.

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  7. Hello Dilip, My book Lei is available for free download for the next 2 days on . Pls read when you have time and drop a short 1-2 line review on Amazon if you like it. Sorry to drop the link here but I couldn’t figure out any other means to connect. Regards.

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  8. Beautiful life like paintings.

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  9. Aakansha says:

    These are absolutely mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing.

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  10. Simona says:



  11. I have seen many of his paintings being shared by friends on Facebook, but it is only now that one has come to know more about this marvellous artist, thanks to you. His story just goes to show that the beauty within a person cannot be suppressed and it will find ways of expressing itself. What that seventy year old lady (I was going to type “old lady” and then realised that I was only ten years younger to her :-)) expressed was exactly what I feel when looking at these paintings. Wonderful, isn’t it that social media gives us access to such great talent ?

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    • dilipnaidu says:

      Thank you so much Nadira for your beautiful comment. Felt good reading it. And yes I checked out your blog post and loved the Classical flute recitals. And yes age is just a number and young is an attitude!

      Thank you and best regards! πŸ™‚


  12. Absolutely lovely pictures! I especially like the one with the girl and the birds.

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  13. renu says:

    Truely amazing..just loved them!

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  14. Hi Dilip,

    Thank you for sharing these paintings of Shashikant. They are indeed wonderful. I find them particularly refreshing in the context of contemporary art, which I have failed to appreciate. I say this after having visited many famous art galleries containing the pieces of work of world famous artists like Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami and even our very own ( Late) M.F. Hussein.

    To me, Shashikant represents a throwback to the past when artists created artwork which mirrored life rather than rely on abstract imagination.



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    • dilipnaidu says:

      That’s a beautiful response Shakti. An appreciation so succinctly put that too by a connoisseur will mean a lot for Shashikant. I am sure his fans too would feel mighty elated.

      Cheers and thanks.

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  15. jmsabbagh says:

    Wonderful culture depicted in these amazing portraits.Jalal

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  16. Binky says:

    He is a very talented artist. It’s great that he was able to pursue his art and get the recognition he deserves.


  17. ssbonsor says:

    Could not see the paintings?

    Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2015 16:44:34 +0000 To:

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  18. ashokbhatia says:

    Thank you for sharing!


  19. Rajagopal says:

    The paintings are so life-like, Dilip, capturing the essence of rusticity and feminine charm. The detailing is perfect, specially the first one, featuring a woman gazing out of the window with her face dappled with shadows of tree leaves rustling in the breeze. Thanks for sharing…best wishes.

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  20. Maria F. says:

    Very beautiful and exquisite paintings.

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  21. Mesmerizing paintings!! Thanks for introducing the artist and his creations to us… πŸ™‚

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  22. Val Boyko says:

    A lovely appreciation of light and presence.

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  23. Nimmi says:

    Awesome!! Seems like these paintings have life. Beautifully done and thank you, Dilip for sharing with us. πŸ™‚

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  24. RaineFairy says:

    The first and the last paintings emit so much life– perfect lighting, great colors. I love them all! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.


  25. soumyav says:

    amazing pictures Sir! Indeed an excel in art, the artist is!

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