Here are a few of the bonsai trees which were displayed at the 2014 flower show in Pune.

In Japan growing bonsai is a way of life. It is believed that the bonsai tree symbolizes a balance between nature man and soul thus leading to inner peace and serenity. In the words of Bonsai master Saburo Kato of Japan the bonsai is loyal if you water and fertilize regularly with loving care. Life is more meaningful when we care for these little trees with love. The life of the Bonsai is much longer than us and so the bonsai must be passed on to the next generation.

Bonzai (2)

Bonzai (5)

Bonzai (4)

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Have a lovely day my friends πŸ™‚


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An open mind! Love to share my thoughts and a keenness to learn. An engineer and a MBA I had a wonderful innings in the Army and later moved to consultancy and teaching. My current interests are music and growing culinary herbs. Love to play golf and do yoga regularly. I am serious on "Living life less seriously". A warm welcome to you be well and be cheerful always.

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  1. Beautiful bonsai. It needs a certain care to grow it. And an extra patience. Love especially the one with orange fruits.


  2. Megha Patel says:

    I want one. I want to create one. They are wonderful and a whole other world.

    Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚


  3. Anthony says:

    In my opinion, to care for these trees and trim them, takes a real special hand and mind.


  4. KOHγ€€ says:

    Wow BONSAI ~ wonderful~~


  5. Very pretty dear Dilip!


  6. sweetyshinde says:

    I just wandered in here and am glad I did. Lovely quotes. BTW, do you believe that Bonsai stunts progress in life?


    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hi Sweety Shinde its indeed good that you stopped by and said Hi. Yes I have heard some negatives on this issue but do not have any first hand knowledge.

      Your blog is lively and good fun too. Have a colorful and safe Holi. :):)


  7. jmmcdowell says:

    Those are lovely! Spring is slow to make it’s appearance in my part of the world this year, so views like this are a welcome sight.


  8. Heta Gala says:

    Never heard.. Nice to read dilip. πŸ™‚


  9. Great title Dilip, for Bonsai are indeed fascinating! Thanks for sharing this delightful post with great photos and very interesting information. I knew they lived long, but hadn’t really thought of how they are passed along as heirlooms. Namaste. Gina


  10. I love bonsai trees. At some point I should get one. Such a peaceful way to be connected to nature .


  11. Eric Alagan says:

    Bonsai are so amazing – full grown trees in a pot!


  12. Madhu says:

    Beautiful! I love the sculptural form of the last tree. A lovely day to you too Dilip.


  13. sgg says:

    Will send you a few photographs of our BONSAIs.
    Wonder if this reaches you correctly. And you don’t have to retrieve it


  14. randomrose says:

    They are like little Haiku in their own way


  15. renu says:

    some people take it as maiming of plants but i like Bonsai plants..


  16. Treat to watch these Bonsai’s


  17. Rekha says:

    I have been wanting to get one since long. Your pics are even more tempting. May be this weekend. πŸ™‚


  18. fantastic – amazing


  19. Binky says:

    A truly interesting art form. They’re beautiful.


  20. Betsy Cross says:

    I love Bonsai! I used to have a few!!


  21. Little wonders of love! πŸ™‚ You too have a beautiful day, dear Dilip! πŸ™‚


  22. And to get it to produce fruit – wow! I’m impressed.


  23. andy1076 says:

    How do they handle long dark winters indoors with artifical lighting? I’m very tempted to get one πŸ™‚


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