After a long and lovely break our new semester will commence tomorrow. Its always great fun to be amidst the bright and young and cheerful folk. To mark this occasion I’d like to share a letter that is very touching. It brings out how the President of a great country with due humility and respect entrusts his little son’s moral upbringing to his teacher. By coincidence today the 12 Feb happens to be the birthday of Abraham Lincoln. Yes the article is old but its message remains evergreen.


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An open mind! Love to share my thoughts and a keenness to learn. An engineer and a MBA I had a wonderful innings in the Army and later moved to consultancy and teaching. My current interests are music and growing culinary herbs. Love to play golf and do yoga regularly. I am serious on "Living life less seriously". A warm welcome to you be well and be cheerful always.

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  1. Haim Ginnot , hints at conditioning a student; according to the teacher’s mind. Teacher decides this conditioning. If it is futuristic then there are less chances of a generation gap.


    • Dilip says:

      Yes I tend to agree with you! If we create a generation gap its sure gonna be our loss. Lets enjoy their awesome energy and flow along with their it. Cheers 🙂


  2. Binod Luitel says:

    The great human beings indeed, clarify their values first, and live by their values despite every odds and adversities in their lives . In the form of a tiny letter to son, Lincon has expressed his own values that he was living and also wanted to nurture in his son. This letter reminds that the only way for us to have long-term happiness is to live by our highest values, to consistently act in accordance with what we believe our life is truly about.

    Great salute to you Dilip sir, by putting this small piece of article, you have indirectly contributed to increase our value based living. Indeed, we as human beings are here to live, love, learn and leave a legacy.


    • Dilip says:

      Dear Binod you you have said the right words. Knowing you you are a person who lives by his values and principles. You will in your life do us as well as your country proud.

      Thanks for dropping by. Cheers


  3. Parents want to give, the world to their children. They can not, due to inherent limitations. One such limitation is to be able to wear an iron glove on a tender hand. Hence the need, of a teacher. What one can do the other can not. They are complementary to each other.


  4. Lubna says:

    Isn’t it sad that teachers are not much appreciated in our country or for that matter in most countries. Their pay is comparatively lower, in some schools the pay is also irregular. True, they do get school breaks and not just a 21 day annual leave. But this does not justify a low pay. Their efforts go a long way in making a nation’s foundation solid. Schools today are overcrowded and teachers don’t have the time to provide individual input, yet many of them continue to do a great job.
    I am in a bit of a cynical mood these days.
    Thank you for this post and thank you Geetha for adding more value to it.


    • Dilip says:

      Hi Lubna what you say is a statement of fact. Teachers in schools are generally not adequately paid except perhaps the few who are teach in International Schools. Yes their terms must improve commensurate with their responsibility of shaping character of the young ones.

      Thanks & best regards.


  5. Abhay Shirke says:

    Words from a concerned father to the teacher to mould his son into a responsible man who can look beyond the obvious, tread the middle path and forego herd mentality even if it means to be a lone warrior. At the same time, he wants his son to smell the flowers and to enjoy all that life has to offer.
    Not for nothing is AL consistently ranked in the top three erstwhile Presidents of the USA.

    Best Regards Abhay Shirke


    • Dilip says:

      Dear Abhay I must say your response beautifully highlights the essence of this inspirational letter of this great personality.

      Yes Abe Lincoln is richly deserves his place of honor as a founding father of the US of A.

      Thanks for these lovely thoughts my friend. Best regards.


  6. Geetha says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for this interesting post. Am sure you will have a fantastic time with your students in the new semester which has commenced today.

    May I please share here another wonderful letter written by Ron Barnes to his daughter’s teacher:

    “Dear Teacher:

    I am entrusting my child to your care for this school year. I do this willingly, but with concern and a degree of parental trepidation.

    You see, my child has a priceless possession – her spirit. My role has been to nurture and protect it. I want you to be sure to do this as well. Therefore, let me offer a few suggestions that may help you to understand and appreciate her, and be the kind of supportive guide she needs as the two of you begin this adventure together.

    First of all, I ask that, above all, you cherish and preserve her spirit. She may not be the brightest child in your class, but the lift of her spirit will be as radiant as any. It glows when praise and encouragement (encouragement is the oxygen of the soul) are offered; it withers when disparagement and humiliation prevail.

    Her spirit will either carry her forward into a life where she will apply her energy with purpose, caring, and a goal for achievement, or into a future where she will settle for routine and mediocrity. I want her to run toward challenges, not away from them. I want her to test her strength against the harsh realities of life, imbued with an inner courage that tells her she can overcome whatever obstacles she encounters. Please help her spirit grow.

    Her self-esteem is emerging. She is attaining a sense of self as she begins to grasp who she is and what she can do. But her developing self is fragile, her steps are tentative and she will need your hand. Encourage her as she gropes her way forward, crawling when she should run, and passive when you know she should lead. She is young, after all, so inconsistency is her standard behaviour,

    Discover her skills, boost her abilities and cheer her accomplishments while quietly identifying her limitations. Then help her improve, circumvent or overcome whatever it is that impedes or blocks her progress. She knows better than you how to overcome them. Please be her caring assistant.

    My child is coming to you eager to learn. Do not, I beseech you, disappoint her. Make her studies stimulating and enjoyable. So far, in her young life, it has been mostly fun. Her educational experiences have been as natural as breathing. Please continue this pattern. Place her learning as a higher priority than your teaching, and make her and her classmates the focus of your class.

    Finally, help her discover the wonder and excitement of self-knowledge so that at the end of the year, she has a better understanding of what she can and cannot ask herself to do. I want her to leave your class more confident in her abilities to succeed, more competent as a learner and person, and better prepared to take the next step in the educational ladder.

    You see this is the year you will become one of the most important persons in her life. She will decide to emulate your values and standards or reject them. She will respect and remember you for the rest of her life, or she will dismiss you and feel disheartened for what you refused to give her. I sincerely want you to be the subject of her admiration – it will be up to you.

    Oh yes, and when your year together is completed, give her a hug and thank her for being part of your life, as I hope to thank you for being part of hers. With love and hope, Her father.

    (From the book, ‘The Aladdin Factor’ by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen)


    Thanks and regards,



    • Dilip says:

      Hello Geetha … its so wonderful to read the letter from Ron Barnes his daughters teacher. Every line is rich with meaning and deep sense and concern. This letter makes me realize how far off I have been where my own daughters were concerned. And of course where do we find such teachers who can undertake such profound responsibility.

      Thank you so much for you enriching contribution.

      Witk kind regards and good wishes.


  7. Shri says:

    “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
    — Benjamin Franklin

    This is what Naidu sir do always, sir involve each student in class lecture and we get easily understand the concepts and no need to mug up things in exam.

    Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”
    — Chinese Prover

    Teacher only show the path, but it is a student ,who need to walk on that path.

    Missing your outstanding classes.




    • Dilip says:

      Oh ho my dear friend you are too kind. I wonder if I deserve your compliments. Appreciating others is a great quality which doesn’t come easily. I have observed in you the keenness and the hunger to learn which I find so very inspiring.

      Wish you great success in all your endeavors. Regards.


  8. May your new semester be a grand one my friend. Those students are so lucky to have you as a teacher.

    I had not read this. I love it as I do all the inspirational quotes you share with us. Thanks Dilip! Margie


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