I must thank Dilip for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with you all. Dilip and I went to the same engineering college in Jabalpur. However, after we graduated, we took to different professions (he joined the Indian Military Academy) and gradually lost contact with each other. So it’s great to be in touch again after so many years.

My College Days

I graduated in Telecommunications Engineering and then joined the IIT, Kharagpur for a Masters Degree program in Electrical Engineering. My first job was as a “Scientific Officer” in the Research and Development Organization of the Ministry of Defense.

After five years, I was selected as a ‘Govt. sponsored candidate’ to undergo the two-year M. Tech program at IIT, Kanpur. This was like a dream-come-true! I jumped at the opportunity joined IITK and two years later, got back to my job with Defence with an additional qualification of M.Tech degree in EE. I must say that despite the hardship that goes with a tough M. Tech program, I really enjoyed my stay at IITK. On a personal note – I even got engaged and then married while at IIT 🙂

Immigration to USA

After sometime my job at the Ministry of Defence became monotonous. I was fortunate as my sister, who had migrated to USA after her marriage, sponsored me for immigration and a year later my petition for immigration got approved.

Back to School

In the US I secured admission into the MS program in Computer Science at Nebraska Lincoln. I really enjoyed my time at the university even though some of the coursework posed severe challenges especially because I was out of touch with academic work for such a long time.

Nebraska Lincoln

During the final semester, recruiters from various corporations descend upon the University for campus recruitment. I was absolutely thrilled to see my old classmate from Jabalpur in one of these recruiting booths. He was representing one of the most prestigious research organizations, The Bell Labs, the research wing of the telecom giant corporation, AT&T. To my good luck I got the offer to join at Bell labs. I was just very excited to work for this world-renowned organization.

Corporate Life

I worked for AT&T, and its various incarnations, for about 25 years. In 1984, AT&T got split into several “baby bells” as well as another R&D unit which finally became Lucent Technologies.

AT&T Middletown NJ

The project that I was working on got moved to Lucent. I worked for Lucent until the late nineties when it got split further. At that time I became a part of Avaya which was spun off from Lucent. At AT&T, I started my job first as a Hardware engineer, and then moved to software engineering. Overall the work continued to be challenging and interesting for the most part.

From Corporate to Yoga

It was in the early nineties when I found my interests shifting toward yoga. I had been practicing yoga since my early college days about 3-4 times a week. My normal routine lasted about 40-45 minutes. With


growing interest in yoga, I decided to do a formal teacher training program. In 1996, I completed a 4-week teacher training program at the Swami Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia. This training was an “eye-opener” in many ways as in addition to asanas, I was introduced to several other aspects of yoga, including pranayama, meditation, relaxation and the underlying concepts in yoga philosophy.  After this training, I started teaching about 4-5 yoga classes per week while still continuing with my job at Lucent.

Yoga Vedanta Philosophy

with friend

“During March-April 2006 I attended a two-month course, “Yoga Vedanta Philosophy”, offered by the Divine Life Society at the Swami Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh, India. Topics covered included The Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, ‘Shad-Darshan’ – the six systems of Indian Philosophy, History of Western Philosophy, and Narada Bhakti Sutra. It was taught both by resident swamis of the ashram, as well as a couple of renowned invited professors. The course helped me gain a much deeper understanding of the Yogic philosophy as well as establish a well-grounded personal daily routine which includes asana, pranayama, meditation and svadhyaya (study of scriptures). I found the experience of living at the ashram (including waking up at 4 AM each morning) highly enriching.”

Purpose of life

With a deepening personal yoga practice and the ability to help others with their health-related issues I started getting more involved in the study and teaching of yoga. Also interest in my technical job waned.

It was around this time that I started asking myself questions “is there a deeper meaning to life beyond this mundane day-to-day life revolving around work and family?” I had a job with a decent enough salary to support us financially. However, gradual involvement with some of the concepts in yoga made me aware that I need to look for a higher truth beyond this corporate life. I started seeing more clearly where my priorities were. Interacting with my yoga students and sharing the benefits of a yoga practice with them became more meaningful. As soon my major family commitments were fulfilled in 2004, I decided to quit my corporate job and devote my time to yoga.  In late 2005, I called it quits, gave up my professional career and moved to North Carolina (a slightly warmer and relatively less expensive place) to pursue my interest in yoga.


I now devote my time fully to study and teach yoga to several classes in the week, both in a group setting as well as in private, one-on-one

Corporate Yoga

sessions. I also teach at a couple of local corporations during their lunch hour. All-in-all it is a highly satisfying and fulfilling experience, especially when I realize that I am able to impact the lives of my students in positive ways. Through personal interaction, via email or feedback from my website/blog, my students give an account of how they have benefited at various levels – physical, mental and emotional.

A Few Tips

No matter what profession you are in, I would strongly suggest that you try some yoga lessons from a teacher in your area. A regular yoga practice will help you live a more meaningful, fulfilling and healthy life.

Cobra pose

I realize that in today’s busy lifestyle, demands of work and family leave very little time for any other activity. However, it is this busy and hectic life which is the main cause of much of today’s stress and resulting health-related problems that highlight the value of a yoga-based regimen. Even if you can devote about 40 minutes every day to a practice that includes some asana and pranayama, you will begin to reap the benefits of your practice.

Please do visit my blog and my website to get acquainted with my work and also some useful yoga-related information. I would welcome any comments or feedback that you might have.

Wish you all the best!


About dilipnaidu

An open mind! Love to share my thoughts and a keenness to learn. An engineer and a MBA I had a wonderful innings in the Army and later moved to consultancy and teaching. My current interests are music and growing culinary herbs. Love to play golf and do yoga regularly. I am serious on "Living life less seriously". A warm welcome to you be well and be cheerful always.

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  1. Vedant Sharma says:

    Dear Sir

    It was really a pleasure to read ur friend’s post. It is quite interesting infact i will say, it is a true lesson to the world.. Hopefully, you remember there was a post on corruption… At that time, this was i wanted to explain but i did not have any suitable example of the same. But now I’ve got a suitable example to search for the real truth of universe instead of running behind money… It will create so many bad habits in a human being like greed of money gives birth to corruption.

    Thank you so much sir for this post!!



    • Dilip says:

      Thanks for dropping by Vedant. I am happy that you liked my friend Subhash’s article. You are right money is important but not everything – we must identify our main purpose in life.

      Trust you are doing very well. Do share your experiences and challenges sometime.



  2. col brar says:

    i am grateful for such a gift of growth of life of one of your extremely intelligent and wholesome personality who is down to earth and honest. wow. this is what happens when one start listening to one!s inner voice and change to quench our inner thirst. this is connecting with ownself and living in the moment what our inner self says. i salute your great friend for being so transparent and honest in describing his life story. i must give full credit to his life partner who did not stand in the way of her husband for for this transformation from a scientist to a great yoga teacher benefiting a large number of individuals and changing their lives. I am sure many of them are going to learn to live their life listening to their inner voice and live life of their full potential. more and more people will bring a wave of positivity in their life and their aura will spread all around them making this world a better place. a must in the present scenario.my best wishes to all the readers. thanks a lot dilip for sharing such a valuable real life experience of a great friend of yours. ajay


    • Dilip says:

      Dear Ajay,

      Yes I agree with you entirely. Subhash’s decision to dedicate himself to full time Yoga is exemplary. Its true such reinventions can occur only when guided by our ‘inner voice’. I remember you always said our minds are cluttered with unnecessary thoughts and that’s why the voice from within cannot be heard.

      How nice of you to acknowledge the contribution of Subash’s family specially the lady of the house who for their wholehearted support for this change.

      Thanks for dropping in and Cheers.


      • suhas says:

        It was nice to read these few lines. I also met Dilip Naidu after a long time. We are course mates from IMA. But never met till we completed our service and landed up in the same colony here at Pune.
        I read with interest about ‘swadhyaya’. It has a deep meaning. Study some thing by yourself. Going a step ahead study & teach others. That is no doubt the highest ‘YADNYA’ as per Bhagwad Gita. Very few give up a career after a degree from IIT and take up the vocation of a Yoga teacher. Well done & congrats.
        Again as mentioned in BG my mind travelled far & wide (Bahu shakha Anantah).
        It took me down the memory lane and may take some time narrating it.
        I have seen my elder uncle performing this Yadnya long time back. He was a Prof. of Physics at Baroda. Around 1958 or so when the subject was unheard of, he introduced the subject of Nuclear Physics at M.Sc. level. No books were available, but he collected some journals from abroad; from Delhi Univ. and from Univ. of Bombay; made own notes and started teaching at post graduate level. Today India has taken strides in this subject.
        Regular practice of Yoga, Pranayam & allied exercises really keeps one fighting fit. Congrats for a short & sweet article.


      • Dilip says:

        Hi Suhas,

        Kind of you to take time-out from your activities and responding with such an enriching comment on teaching others as “yadnya”.

        Yes we can never forget our days of rigorous military training in one of the finest institution in the world.

        I reproduce Field Marshal Sir Philip Chetwode’s inspiring address which acquired immortality and became the credo of the Indian Military Academy:

        “The safety honour and welfare of your country
        come first always and every time.
        The honour welfare and comfort of the men
        you command come next.
        Your own ease comfort and safety
        come last always and every time”

        Thank you and best regards!


  3. Geetha Chandar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Sincere thanks to both Mr. Subhash and you for this enlightening post. More than anything else, I personally feel that Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, if practiced regularly, help us to make that paradigm shift from success to significance by leading us on an odyssey towards the path of self-realization.

    Thanks and regards,



    • Dilip says:

      Hi Geetha,

      You are so right Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation are the practices that help us achieve a calm mind. And such a person is always contented – “He who is contented is always rich” – Lao Tzu

      Yet we find it difficult to make time for such practices.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      With kind regards.


  4. Gaurav R Aora says:

    Recently I attended a seminar on Six Sigma. To my surprise I came to know that Six Sigma is not just a concept only to be applied at work, but it is also applicable to oneself.With the ever increasing importance of computers in the workplace, workers are becoming more stressed than ever in their quest to get the job done. And it is known fact that a more stressed worker will very often becomes less productive. Applying concept of Six Sigma for understanding one own self is possible with help of Yoga (Sahaja Yoga). For this, one need to understand and answer questions like -what are my goals? Am I Moving in right direction? Why am I failing? For getting all answer correct, one need to have a free mind and thus Yoga plays a role.

    I think you can be more productive physically if you are fit mentally. A body free of Stress will give you an open mind, and an open mind can think better, think good and avoid all negativity. Thus making a person emotionally intelligent and benefiting the organization.

    In recent years, more and more corporations like Nike, HBO, Forbes, and Apple have been scheduling yoga sessions in the workplace throughout the day. Today’s Employee demand for more balanced business and personal lives. Work/life balance has been identified as a strategic issue for Human Resource Management and contributes extensively to employee retention strategies. Adopting Yoga therapy intervention can be one of the effective methods for achieving this balance.

    I also feel Yoga should be made part Of College course, this will make students adequately equipped at Self Management and will help to Overcome stress.

    Thank you Sir for such a informative post,was very helpful.All the very Best


    Gaurav R Arora


    • Dilip says:

      Dear Gaurav,

      Your comments on ‘Subhash’s experiences’ and on the ‘Ocean is my office’ were a treat to read. Applying Six Sigma to understand oneself is a great concept and kindles my curiosity.

      Now at the end of your MBA program I must say it is not your formal degree alone but also your awareness of the subtle forces that will stand you in good stead – both during great times as well as in tough times. You have always been a good listener and a keen learner and that’s what we all need to be.

      I am so glad you shared your rich experience at Taj in this medium. The Team management examples are super being your personal observations. I intend sharing them with our future semester classes.

      I fully endorse you message – “lets form a Team and Spread Love to make world better place to live in”. Way to go Gaurav and do keep in touch wherever you go. I am grateful to you for your friendship. So I sign off with our favorite salutation. 🙂

      Jai Hind


  5. Lubna says:

    Thank you for an enriching post.


    • Dilip says:

      Hi Lubna,

      Its really sporting of Subhash my college-mate for sharing his thoughts over here. He’s always been a brilliant and cool guy and moving into yoga seems to be a natural progression. I am sure his students in North Carolina are benefiting immensely in body and mind.

      Best regards.


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