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    • ram natrajan says:

      dear mr dilipjee
      thanks for your reply …….your cases and the discussions are indeed very interesting and as when possible i will add some of my expereinces (which i often share with mgt students)from my travels and actual situations ………trust we can keep it very interesting
      thanks for your fine work
      prof natrajan


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  3. Gaurav R Arora says:

    I think the success of Hyundai comes from its strategy of new product development. Hyundai currently carries a very loyal pool of buyers in certain specialized markets, such as used car markets, low-income consumers and retired seniors. Given that the size of these markets have not decreased, but is predicted to increase in the next few years, Hyundai can find itself with more consumers in its loyal target markets.

    Lacking experience in automobile production at the outset, Hyundai formed a taskforce in 1967.By drawing some team members from its construction division who had strong projectManagement and engineering background, and recruiting some from other auto producers who Had production experience, Hyundai ensured requisite variety in taskforce experience and Knowledge. The recruited engineers brought in migratory knowledge that raised Hyundai’s level Of tacit knowledge related to automobile production.

    India has evolved into global hub for small-car manufacturing. Currently, India is one of the largest producers of small cars with the small car segment accounting for about three-fourths of the Indian car market. We have companies like Renault, Nissan, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai in India. With the launch of Tata Nano, the stage is set for around a dozen new small and compact cars to be launched in India in years to come.


    Gaurav R Arora


    • Dilip says:

      Hi Gaurav you point on ‘drawing some team members from its construction division’ for the automobiles is a very interesting piece of info. It shows that their corporate level strategies are leveraging the strengths of the Hyundai Chaebol’s divisions to maximum advantage.
      Its true India has emerged as a global hub for compact manufacturing next to China. I addition they are learning the low cost manufacturing skills too.

      Great comments. Regards.


  4. Navin Kumar says:

    Did a wallpaper pattern in a Paris hotel room inspire the famous Chevrolet Bowtie emblem? Does the blue and white BMW roundel really symbolize a propeller and sky? And was the Porsche logo first sketched on a napkin in a New York City restaurant? In the world of automobile logos, truth can be stranger than fiction—though a good story can go a long way toward embellishing a brand’s corporate identity.

    From Ferrari’s Prancing Horse to Cadillac’s crest, automobile logos appear on everything from steering wheel hubs to giant billboards, and even the lapel pins on the suits of company executives. This kind of flexibility is one of the design elements needed for an effective and strong logo, says Jack Gernsheimer, Creative Director of Partners Design Inc. and author of Designing Logos: The Process of Creating Symbols that Endure.

    Arsenio Hall the famous American Talk show host once took a shot at Hyundai by saying, “Why don’t they improve their damn cars rather than spend money on their new logo?”Well, Hyundai has improved their cars, and it’s time to improve their logo design. Now that they have become the world’s fifth largest automaker which would have been impossible for them to achieve this feet had they not improved the quality of their cars. Therefore, they should certainly rework their logo. A new logo would also help them to overcome the psychological barrier that they are still an inferior car maker which exists in the minds of customers all over the world.

    As for customers in India, a new logo is most likely to rejuvenate their interest in them resulting in marginal if not substantial increase in sales. Hyundai India do know their marketing strategy and a new logo would certainly add enthusiasm in their dealers and employees alike.

    Thanks & regards!!


    • Dilip says:

      Hi Navin,

      An interesting take on ‘Logo’s’ and their power in reinforcing a firms identity. Great stuff on American view on Hyundai quality and yes Hyundai have improved globally.

      I always wondered why Hyundai India Logo did not have a India feel about it. Like Unilever. What I feel is that they prefer to invest in Hyundai logo as a global brand. And by investing in improving their quality and customer service just as mentioned in the ‘American Talk’.

      Many thanks for you insightful response and wish you all the best.



      • ram natrajan says:

        dear sirs
        excellent article …..many years ago in the year 1980 i used to work in saudi arabia in project management and i used to be on the west coast at yanbu………several leading korean construction companies used to be our neighbours in the residential area……..at times when i used to see their workers lining up for company buses with discipline i used to be wonderstruck
        i had a korean guy with very little english who used to be my neighbour and he had a car a korean car which i remember was called pony and used to look dilapated …it used to stutter and i once made fun of it…this korean took offence and said to me that you will the koreans totally take the winds out of the sails of the japanese in auto segment ……give us two decades……..how prophetic
        prof natrajan


      • dilipnaidu says:

        Dear Prof. Ram,

        We at this end are indeed blessed to receive inputs from academicians with international experience. Sir your story of the Korean spirit has truly ignited this post and freshened it. I myself was delighted as I am an admirer of these amazing people.

        Thank you and wish you well!

        Dilip Naidu


  5. Vishal says:

    Great insights on Hyundai, Thank you Sir.


  6. Reshma Shah says:

    its a very good article


  7. uni says:

    very nice car post


  8. auto cars says:

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    Your article is very good, your article must be read
    Thank you very much


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