Hello and welcome to all my friends!

“Prakritiko sundar des Nepal aaunuhune sabai pahunalai hami hridayadheki nai nayano swagat gardachhu.


Namaste, Swagat chha yahalai!” – “We heartily welcome all our guests who step their feet on this sacred land of nature.

I am Binod Luitel from Nepal the land of heavenly beauty – doing my MBA from at Tasmac Pune. I love music and enjoy playing my guitar. Naturally gifted and lovingly cradled in the lap of the Himalayas and lovely view of the mighty Mt. Everest. Above all Nepal is the sacred land the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Although very small in size, my country is large in terms of languages, cultures, religions and values. Nepal is well known for its rich cultural heritage. There are several different ethnic groups of people like Newar, Bhutia, Sherpa, Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Rai, and Limbu who have their own different mother languages and cultures. Diverse religious groups like Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Janise,

Jiri, Switzerland of Nepal

and Sheikhs live together in peaceful harmony – “Unity in Diversity is Our Specialty.”

My people are very warm hearted, friendly and fun-loving. Those who visit Nepal will rarely ever forget the warmth and hospitality of the Nepalese people. The mountainous terrain has bestowed great deep rooted qualities in my people of simplicity,  courage, trustworthiness, self respect and loyalty.


Lumbini is the place where the Buddha, known as the Tathagata (One who has found the Truth) was born. Lumbini is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas in modern Nepal. In ancient times, Lumbini was a beautiful garden full of green and shady Sal trees. It

Lumbini - Birthplace of Lord Buddha

is the place which should be visited and seen by a person of devotion to realize the nature of impermanence.

My country is geographically divided into 3 major parts viz. Himalayan, Hilly and Terai. So, climate varies according to its altitude. The snow clad and the tallest lofty mountains on the northern most part, lure people throughout the world. The Mountains are soothingly green with lakes, cascades, and valleys as the center of attraction. Many endangered species safely coexist and the wildlife reserves are the prime glory of the country. Cereal crops and vegetation in the fertile plain land of Terai region always give a feeling of richness to this nation.

Though economically still developing, the country is very rich in water and minerals. The perennial rivers like Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali are the wealth of nation. For adventurous experiencing

Bhedetar, East Nepal

like river rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, bungee-jumping, there are plenty of places: rivers and hills.

Business Growth and Opportunities

Nepalese capital market is highly concentrated on the banking and financial sector companies. Apart from cottage industries and small scale industries, there are no multi-national companies in Nepal. Manufacturing industries are yet to emerge. Real Estate business is in the initial stages. So, right now, real estate sector companies are in great demand and are in centre of attraction in Nepalese securities market. Though the country is 2nd richest in water resources in the world, these resources have not yet been utilized.

There are great investment opportunities for those who dare to run even small Hydropower- Projects. Besides, those who are considering of running big industries and production sector companies in this land can have a great profit potential. The present unstable political scenario is the prime cause of dilemma for many such foreign investors.

National Chitwan Park

Nevertheless, Nepal is always one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Therefore, Tourism Industries are always booming, but yet in niche market situation, and those who join in the tourism sectors, are undoubtedly blessed and can earn a fortune over here.

In short, those who want to sigh being close with the nature and beauty, those who want to live and talk with the nature, at least once in his/her life time, must visit Nepal not just because it is one the top 10 the most beautiful countries in the world, it is far more an incredible country of being in heaven with a feeling of glory and greatness.

“Namari Bache, Daibale Sache, Pheri Vetaula,

“Jaha chhan buddaka aankha, snigdha santa ra sundar”!“If we are destined by god, to see you again. The holy, innocent and peaceful eyes of Buddha are always here to welcome you, even if I am gone”

Thank you!




About Dilip

An open mind! Love to share my thoughts and a keenness to learn. An engineer and a MBA I had a wonderful innings in the Army and later moved to consultancy and teaching. My current interests are music and growing culinary herbs. Love to play golf and do yoga regularly. I am serious on "Living life less seriously". A warm welcome to you be well and be cheerful always.

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  1. akash says:

    Dear Binod,

    well done ……..excellent article ….. really shows your love for the country …… keep it up ……

    Thanks & BEST Regards,


  2. James Ninfaakang says:

    Hi Binod,
    Hope it is not too late for me to comment on your beautiful article on Nepal.Congratulations to you and of course Sir Dilip (the catalyst behind all this)! Quite sincerely I am looking forward to a visit at my earliest convenience.
    The article reminds me of a case study in sem 1 odhrm on a spiritual trip of a ‘Sadhu’ within Nepal (hope my mates do recall this case). Seriously that is how I intend to take it: a spiritual journey in Nepal (or was it just a case study of fiction?). This is a special request from me to all the Nepalese students in Tasmac who happen to be friends of mine. So pleeeese as in the bible with John the Baptist, prepare the way and let me know. Preparing the way is especially for Bidaya and Ram. Not that the rest are excluded only that these 2 will take full responsibility for any failures/dissappointments. So ball on your court, Nepalese community in Tasmac: “SPIRITUAL TRIP OF AFRICA IN NEPAL’
    Waiting for feedback.


    • Ram Koju. says:

      Hi James

      Thank you so much for making such a great comment about Nepal. It is a great respect you gave to this article linking to ODHRM case study “Sadhu” that we had learnt in first sem. This was our small effort to introducing Nepal to the world. Your positive reception of this small article is tremendous for us. We appreciate and take it very warmly for you interest to visit Nepal.

      Of course, personally i feel, it will be my great pleasure to guide and put your every step in the holy land as far as possible.Whenever you have convenience and free time for this holy trip (in your words),please kindly let me know so that i could be a help for you.

      Warm regards
      Ram Koju.


    • Binod Luitel says:

      Dear James,

      It’s never too late for beginning of good work. Besides who won’t feel good, when he/she receives admiration.

      Thank you so much for your lovely remark.

      Why not James, personally i feel and expect the same feeling coming from we all Nepalese people, that it would be our great pleasure if ever we could be with you in Nepal. We feel Nepal is rich in hospitality, and of course we try to give the same warmly feeling to you.

      Please let us know when you feel and have convenience to make small trip to Nepal, we will be there to assist you.

      Best regards,


  3. Dilip says:

    Dear Binod,

    Thank you for your spontaneous thoughts on your great country – Nepal. I also extend my warm thanks to all our friends – Gaurav, Ashish, Bidya, Tanzo-Resh and Niharika and other esteemed viewers.

    My special thanks to dear Raju and Lubna for their good wishes and support.

    “Pheri bhetaunla- Will meet again”

    With fond regards to all!


  4. Nishchal Chhetri says:

    ..well Binod,excellent article…really shows your love for the country,on top of that it really is very insightful to show the colours of Nepal on how diverse,warm and jewel of a country it is..
    :मेरो देश,मेरो नेपाल मलाई प्यारो छ : जननी जन्मभूमिश्चः स्वर्गादपी गरियसी:जय नेपाल…


    • Binod Luitel says:

      Hi Nishchal,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment though I am quite late to reach you.

      Without any blowup, I think we all Nepalese feel the same feeling.
      And in fact, we deserve to feel proud of our Nepal.

      Warm regards,


  5. Niharika Shrestha says:

    Dear Binod,

    I must say, the way you have expressed about our country in this article is highly commendable. I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude towards Sir for providing us this golden chance to show love for our birthplace.

    I am really touched by the way my friends have put down their thoughts. And I appreciate their love for my country. We would be very glad to welcome you all.

    Since lot more have already been shared, all I would like to say about our country is “Never Ending Peace And Love – NEPAL”.

    Warm Regards,



    • Binod Luitel says:

      Hi Niharika,

      Thank you so much for joining with your warlmly feeling of Nepal.
      And it is my great plsesure, you’ve liked the article.

      You have decently cued great identity of Nepal with her explanation. Further, if Nepal would feel and have political stability, how fortunate we will feel.



  6. Reshma Shah says:

    Dear Binod,

    I am glad to read about your country….its indeed a great pleasure to know about different places… i think Dilip sir has done a great job by giving all of us a chance to post our views and articles in his blog bank….bravo to u sir!!!

    Coming back to u binod…. i want to visit Nepal…..After all its ur hometown…My favorite one’s place – as so called Nepo….

    Warm regards,
    Ur fren


    • binod luitel says:

      Hi Tanzo Resh,

      So nice to read such lovely words.yes of course,all the credit goes to Dilip sir for forming way to communicate differently.

      I have already liked your Tanzania and now you say you too like Nepal. So,isn’t it good idea, lets take me to your lovely Tanzania and I will take you to my beautiful Nepal.

      And together, we should establish good relationship between these far esteren country and your far western country.Oo…

      Best regards,


  7. Bidhya Adhikari says:

    Dear Binod,

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for writing a beautiful article about our country ‘NEPAL’.

    I would also like to thank Dilip Naidu Sir for giving us a platform to write about Nepal. I feel, this article along with such lovely comments from my colleagues Gaurav and Ashish will give an insight on how culturally rich we are.

    It always feels good to talk about the place you belong to and especially when you get a chance to share it with new people.

    Nepal may be a small country, but yes it is a world to us.





    • binod luitel says:

      Dear Bidhya,

      Surely, it’s pleaure to get a platform from Dilip sir. More than this I say, he is a man of great inspiration. So, all our pleasure and the gratitude goes to him.

      Your statement ‘Nepal may be very small,but it is a world to us’ has truly reminded me of our, the greatest poet in Nepalese literature, Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Do you remember, his essay: “KE NEPAL SANO CHHA RA ?”

      Thank you a lot for yore reception.
      Kind regards,


  8. Ashish Mahto says:

    Yes, I agree that Nepal is a beautiful place to visit. The natural scenery, high mountains, incomparable cultural heritage and numerous specialties have made Nepal a well-known destination in the world tourism map with a distinct image of its own.Nepal is ranked as 7th tourist destination in the world. So one can imagine how beautiful it would be. It is a Land of Mysticism & Exoticism!

    Almost all types of climate and ecosystem are available in Nepal. moreover cultural, geographical, ethnic and bio-diversities of the country allure international visitors to Nepal time and again, which truly substantiate the spirit of Nepal’s tourism brand; naturally Nepal once is not enough ! “Welcome Nepal – Tourism Year 2011”

    If you (anyone) visit Nepal, do visit Pashupatinath temple, Birth place of Gautam Buddha (Lumbani), Pokhara and Mount Everest (one of the places to visit before you die). Nepal is an amazing place a person can visit in less expenditure. Winter season is a best season for Ice skating in Himalayas. If a person loves Nature then he/she must visit Nepal.

    I would like to add more on the Buddhist religion which you have missed, is that Siddhartha Gautam (Buddha) was a Hindu or you can say he belonged to Hindu family, later when people started following his way of life then the Buddhist religion was originated, that’s the reason Hindu feel Buddhism as own religion.

    My warm regards to Dilip Naidu Sir… 🙂



    • binod luitel says:

      Dear Ashish,

      Thank you for your intellection.You precisely dropped a line: Nepal is a country of mysticism and exotism.And also, you conveyed the message that Nepal is Preparing for 2011 as a Tourism Year and the slogan goes “Naturally once visit is not enough to this paradise.” Nepalese hospitality is warmly awaiting for any guests around the globe in this particular year.

      Indeed, it is unwritten, simply you added that Lord Buddha himself was brought up in the Hindu culture. So, it is also another reason that why it is inconceivable to separate between Buddhism and Hinduism as they remain in everlasting symphony.

      Best regards,


  9. binod luitel says:

    Dear Gaurav,
    First of all, thank you so much for the time you gave to put your mentation to lent penetration on this small article about Nepal.Personally, i am impressed by your generous nature of contributing insight and valuing nepalse culture and her hospitality. Obviously, it reveals how liberal you are in your reckoning and kindliness.
    Though the Bhuddism, you mentioned as a major ethinic group in nepal is not slightly so, as hindu culture is dominat,it is exactly the situation as you said that these two religions lies in perfect harmony; because some Hindu deities are worshiped in Buddhist monasteries and so the Buddhist deity is kept in Hindu temple.
    Your effort of bringing in notice of nepalese food is praisworthy as it was unknown in my article. Besides, i widely appreciate for your desire to bring some basic greetings and salutaion of typical nepalese culture.
    Above all, Gaurab, you deserve much more praise than i am expressing here. And, it would be my great pleasure if i could help you to play guitar any better. I warmly welcome you!and say once again,Thank You!


  10. Gaurav R Arora says:


    Superb article!!I like to congratulate you for your effort.It was wonderful to know about Nepali culture. My experience with all Nepali friends has been out of the world. I never felt that they are from another country. Firstly Shivani,then Sanam, Bidya, Neharika,Dheeraj ,Ashish ,Ram and you. The thing I admire the most is your helpful nature. All of you are always ready to help and share.

    Nepal can be said to be the meeting point of Indian and Tibetan streams of Buddhism. Ethnic groups residing in Central Nepal are mostly the followers of Buddhism. Buddhism in Nepal has also been influenced by Hinduism, another dominant religion in Nepal. Nepal hosts several Buddhist pilgrimage sites which are highly revered by the Buddhists. Ancient stupas of Swayambhunath and Bodhnath are considered most sacred among Nepali pilgrimage sites.

    During my Hotel management studies, I was taught to make food from different cuisine including Nepal. I like to share my views on Nepalese cuisine’s typical Nepalese meal is dal-bhat-tarkari.Dal is a spicy lentil soup, served over bhat (boiled rice), and served with tarkari (curried vegetables) together with achar (pickles) or chutni (spicy condiment made from fresh ingredients). The Newar community, however, has its own unique cuisine. It consists of non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian items served with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Mustard oil is the cooking medium and a host of spices, such as cumin, coriander, black peppers, sesame seeds, turmeric, garlic, ginger, methi (fenugreek), bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, chilies, mustard seeds, etc., are used in the cooking. The cuisine served on festivals is generally the best.

    Basic Greeting and Pleasantries (for viewers)
    1) Namaste – Hello, Greetings, I bless the divine in you
    2) Namaskar -The more respectful version of Namaste
    3) Hajur- for addressing elders
    4) Kasto Chau? – How are you?
    5) Ma Thik Chu- I am fine
    6) khannu bhaiyo?- Have you eaten?
    7) Dhanybhad -Thank you
    8) Tapaiiko naam ke ho? -What is your name?
    9) Mero naam Gaurav ho- My name is Gaurav
    10) Maaph garnuhos -Excuse me/ pardon me/ sorry
    11) Ma bhujhina- I don’t understand
    12) Ma bhujhe- I understand
    13) Pheri bhetaunla- Will meet again

    I like to thank Ashish for helping me out with Cuisine and Greetings. Binod please do teach me how to play Guitar.

    A Big Salute to Mount Eversest (Sagarmāthā सगरमाथ)
    All the very best for your future.


    Gaurav R Arora


  11. Lubna says:

    Nice to hear from you Binod. Nepal is a beautiful country.
    Dilip Sir, even your students from different States/parts of India can pen their thoughts about their own region.
    I love my Bombay/Mumbai, I am sure everyone feels as strongly about their own home town and it is lovely to learn about different places.


    • binod luitel says:

      Thank you to hear nice words from you.
      You are quite right, Dilip sir is a source of inspiration for many students like me, who are stimulated to develop self esteem through
      many modes. And,I’ve liked your spirit of being proud for the land where we are born and brought up.


  12. Raju Nair says:

    Really well done Binod…Kudos to Naidu Sir…bringing in creative works from all around…


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