While driving on the road from Wadia College to Council Hall in Pune I read something real funny – on a roadside banner! Call it a roadside – tweet

Nana Chudasama is an eminent activist representing the common man, and a former Sheriff of Mumbai, Nana’s thought-provoking Marine Drive banners – embedded in satire, puns and humor. No offence meant and hope none taken!

Nana Chudasama is the founder of the NGO Giants International which has over 500 branches spread all across India and in 10 countries abroad. Giants undertake projects that have an immense impact on society, such as family welfare, disaster management, education and environment.


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7 responses

  1. Dilip says:

    Ha ha ha good one … an ethical dilemma that comes up so often …

    Thanks & regards!


  2. Dwarak Ethiraj says:

    I wonder how an investor should react on receiving a dividend cheque from the company. A conflict between two values ; viz “situation” and “moral”


  3. Cristina says:

    Sometimes you cannot do anything but laught at it. Unfortunately it is pretty sad. But it is healthier not take it too serious… 🙂


  4. Indeed it is good to be less serious sometimes and have fun and yes applicable to World Inc.

    Cheers Sir!


  5. Dilip says:

    Hello Shantanu and Hitesh,

    Ha Ha. Thanks guys sometimes it is good to be less serious isn’t it? Yes the message on the banner is funny and true … not only for India Ltd. but applicable to the World Inc. too. Whadd’Ya say??



  6. Returns on investment can go up as high as 100% on shares of companies like this where the buying spree can shoot off within a fraction of time, more so when the company is in India!

    Truly thought-provoking and witty!


  7. shantanu says:

    this is very true…. hahahahahahahhahahaha…..