I always accept an invitation to talk to students at the Asian School Of Management Pune. This

Case analysis Glenn India

was to be a ‘break-in’ session for a series of Integrated Case Studies to follow in subsequent weeks. Today also happens to be Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra – Ugadi is celebrated with festive fervor in Maharashtra,Sindh, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and many other states.

The students here are have quite extraordinary and have an intense desire to learn and gain knowledge. They come from different states like Maharashtra, MP, Orissa, UP, Gujarat and Bengal their determination and zeal to develop professionally is amazing.

The case on Glenn India received an overwhelming response. I decided to avoid starting with a long Case Study and instead do a case like Glenn India Case which is very interesting.

Role play -Kuldeep's Manager and HR

The situation in the case is quite ‘life-like’. The class became enthusiastic when a role play was suggested the were all enthusiastic. We had a lot good arguments and of course fun too.The issues of an MNC culture, adverse effect of sacking a good manager, development conversation and leadership were discussed. The role of the HR manager and Kuldeeps’ manager was debated forcefully.

For many of the students this was their first exposure to a blog as a learning tool. I shared with them my own initial hesitation to write my thoughts in this

Manager & HR discuss with the CEO

blog ( just a year ago). Though a bit hesitant in the beginning they rose to the occasion and soon posted their comments freely in the previous post.

There was something nice about this entire exercise it was that these young folks have begun to express their own opinion with confidence. Corporate leaders look forward to the opinions of young professionals and they consider their inputs valuable sometimes more than those of the seniors.

The link to the case is –


Thank you guys for your comments in my blog and cheers to Asian School junior most batch Batch E.


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  1. nuri battal says:

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  3. Roshan Bhattarai says:

    From the past record we came to know that Mr. kuldeep is a good employee. He loves his work and in the same way he loves his sister too. his work is affected due to his sister’s problem. It is not in the favour of to fire such an experienced employee nor it is good for Mr. Kuldeep. So it is better to adopt a WIN WIN solution.
    The company should appoint Mr. Kuldeeps sister in a small job. This will make her busy and motivates Mr Kuldeep to perform well


    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hey Roshan,

      A good idea. Rehabilitating the sister in Glenn India may just work you never know. A positive message will spread out that the organizational cares for its people.

      Good one Roshan. Thanks.


  4. Geetha says:

    Happy “Regional” New Year to everybody!

    Vande Mataram!

    And happy blogging too! Cascading thoughts freely and ‘rapidly’ does help!!

    Thanks and regards,