My blogging journey started just a few months ago. I do not have any special skills in writing. Raju Nair (ex Tasmac student) who now

Raju Nair

Raju Nair

is a successful Technical Consultant set up my blog and egged me on to ‘go for it’. I did! There is Shantanu (ex Tasmac student) now


CEO at Varitech Equipments (P) Ltd who provides valuable feedback to improve my blog.

I always discover new learning from my students. Each batch has a fresh and wonderful unique identity and something new to offer. The moment I enter a class I find their youthful energies and their spontaneous welcome very spirited, enlivening and exhilarating.

My last assignment in the Army was to set up a prestigious engineering college for the army children now well-known as the Army Institute of Technology (AIT) Pune. It was here that I realized the tremendous potential of young minds and developed a great regard and bond for them. Thereafter I took up consulting in strategy and HR and fortunately also got into into teaching.

The world of technology and networking has enabled many of my ex-students who are located in different geographies of the world to get connected. My blog too now serves as a medium of conversation and a base to share and learn from each others experience. And so I decided to add the pictures of these wonderful people (in their respective batches as we move on) who are a source of great fun and joy to me. And also to remain connected with them.

Finally I am grateful to the wonderful academic institutions who provided me with the splendid opportunity to learn and develop myself, and to share my own experience, beliefs and knowledge and connect with the young minds meaningfully. It was Tasmac where I made a beginning followed by other institutions like some of the Symbiosis institutes and The Asian School of Management.

MBA HR Specialization Class at Tasmac. (June-September 2009)

Strategic HR Class

Strategic HR Class

Strategic  HR Class view 2

Strategic HR Class view 2

MBA Organizational Values and Ethics Class at Tasmac. (June – Sept 2009)



OVBE  MBA Class View 2

OVBE MBA Class View 2

MBA Strategy Class at Tasmac June – Sept 2009

TASMAC- MBA Strategy class View -1

TASMAC- MBA Strategy class View -1

TASMAC- MBA Strategy class -student  presentation

TASMAC- MBA Strategy class -student presentation

MBA Business Ethics and Values Class at Asian School Of Management (ASOM)

ASOM Business Ethics and Values MBA class view - 1

Business Ethics and Values MBA class view - 1

ASOM Business Ethics and Values MBA student presentation

ASOM Business Ethics and Values MBA student presentation

ASOM Business Ethics and Values MBA class  view - 2

ASOM Business Ethics and Values MBA class view - 2

You are the leaders of tomorrow! Thank you all you folks🙂

About dilipnaidu

An open mind! Love to share my thoughts and a keenness to learn. An engineer and a MBA I had a wonderful innings in the Army and later moved to consultancy and teaching. My current interests are reading, music, growing culinary herbs, playing golf and yoga. I am serious on "Living life less seriously". A warm welcome to you be well and be cheerful always.

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  1. Girish Kohli says:

    Hon’ble sir
    I wish there were better word than Thanks to express my generosity to your goodself for publishing this valuable blog . It has become a inspirational factor to expand our mental horizon through persistent efforts in pursuit of excellence.Needless to mention it is amazing to know how you have been able to group together so much of liveliness through your creativity.
    With my palms pressed with deep reverence.
    Yours faithfully
    Girish Kohli

    • Dilip says:

      Dear Girish I truly feel humbled by your sentiments. As you may know this blog is inspired by our students it is they who are its source of energy.

      I too reciprocate my respect for you as a person whose spiritual values reflect very clearly in your conduct and behavior.

      With warm regards!

  2. Oonmeshika says:

    Thank you sir for giving us such a wonderful platform to keeps us connected even post classroom discussion. discussion in your blog are really lively and drives me to learn more about SM.

  3. Dilip says:

    Hi Maninder,

    What a lovely message. I am touched by your sentiments. Great to know you are doing very well in Chandigarh. I remember vividly how well thought-out and insightful your responses in class were – in fact you on many occasions always ‘summed-up’. Yes its the ‘Choti Choti’ things that bring us happiness. Well said indeed!

    I now am motivated to collect your batch – the First Asian School Batch picture from the Director Ma’am to honor my blog.

    Maninder I wish you all the success and happiness. Please do keep in touch.

    With kind regards and my thanks,

    Dilip Naidu

  4. Maninderjeet Kaur says:

    Hello Sir!
    Congratulations for the blog!!!

    Its a great feeling to see your message.
    I’m doing good,running business at Chandigarh.How are you Sir?
    At the moment,I’m feeling you among students at ASOM.U have made a medium to stay in touch and even importantly rejuvenating many with ur lively refreshing energy.I’m so happy being here on the blog.

    I always remember you,though not in big difficult situations🙂 but “choti-choti” baaton mein as I’ve realised over tym dat small things r even bigger than big things.U have always been an inspiration for me and message from you means a lot to me.

    Take good care of yourself Sir!

    Maninderjeet Kaur

  5. Sudheer Shukla says:

    Thank you for the love & care you have given.

    Happy new Year 2010, may this & all forth coming years be more enlightened & prosperous for you

    – Sudheer Shukla

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Sudheer my dear what an affectionate greeting from you. I will always remember our association in ASOM. Wish you a great future and a very happy new year.

  6. Mayukh Roy says:

    Dear Sir
    I shall always cherish your insights on Leadership.Its been a privilege to learn from you.

  7. Raju Nair says:

    I am greatly inspired by your humility; I always look up to you to understand what it takes to be a leader
    As said in the movie the “Matrix”, The Mentor Morpheus says “there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”
    Your inspirational words have allowed me to look at myself in a different way. You always will remain my Guru.

    • Dilip Naidu says:

      Dear Raju I am so happy you called on … the regard I have for you is evident from the opening lines of this post … I will be more at ease to have you as a friend … that way my quest for learning remains evergreen … allow me to share a nice quote “When we become aware of our humility, we’ve lost it.” Anon

      Cheers and keep in touch always!

  8. Subash Korada says:


    The pictures bring back happy memories of TASMAC days. The difference for me now is that I use my brain only 20% of the time. During the Academic days I was using it about 110%. Amazing, I feel of how work life today is so mundane and boring at times. I am not sure if people elsewhere feel the same?

    I love the concept of the blog as it has all the important elements that I cherish – Human Resources, Strategy and off course the Indian Defence Forces. Being a kid that has grown up in a Service Environment, I feel what I today is because of my upbringing.

    And yes Great way to stay connected!


    • dilipnaidu says:

      Wow Subash – hearing from you made my day! I remember you were exemplary all through in your academic pursuits as well as in your conduct in Tasmac. A topper too with leadership and team qualities. Do share your general interests and professional insights from Australia Down Under!🙂

      Thanks you for the encouragement on my blog. It means a lot to me.



  9. Parthiv Dave says:

    Sir, thanks a lot for encouraging and appreciating us. In each OVBE sessions, we never felt we are going through a course or module. It was more of a discussion and brainstorming session than of a lecture which was very delighting and enriching experience. Though I don’t open up easily, but I personally got to know many perspectives and values which I have started to infuse in life.

    Thank you very much once again.

    • Dilip Naidu says:

      Hi Parthiv,

      I am aware of your awesome background – Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro Technologies and of your present pursuits in CDMA Technology. Tata & Wipro are two companies I admire immensely. I look forward to further gainful association with you!

      Thanks for the kind words.

  10. mohsin mirza says:

    One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the student.This is what The great teacher gave us Mr Dilip Naidu. Thanks a lot sir.

  11. Niyati Jindal says:

    Sir, it is extremely brilliant of how you appreciate young minds, strategy classes are something i am not going to forget and yes not to forget a smiling face would always greet us when we would enter the class. you encouraged us to go on thinking and the discussions generated … till today leave an impact thankyou sir will cherish the classes where we were your students cheers!!!

    • Dilip Naidu says:


      I remember you for your own qualities of being a great team player – helpful to all your classmates. You always took the initiative in leading discussions thereby enlivening the class.

      I am sure you are adding great value to your organization.

      Best regards.

  12. Suhani says:

    Hello everyone…
    Its really a pleasure to post a comment on this blog. I feel really honoured and good to go through the blog. Infact i beleive that we as students get really motivated by the inspiration and enthusiasm showed by Mr Naidu sir. Each time when we meet, he greets us with his cheerful smile and makes us understands the concepts nicely. Thats the best thing actually!!! A great person is someone who makes many a persons great… thank you sir … we are on your path of success and becoming great…

    take care

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hello Shilpa (Suhani),

      You are seated in the front row of the Strategy class picture. And so to have you post a comment makes me feel good. I must share with you that I too have a ‘mentor’ who inspires me. I emulate my mentor whose smile makes me and others feel so wonderful. So come what may always🙂

      Regards and wish you all the best!

  13. Lubna says:

    Dear Sir,
    I wish you had been my teacher. It is extremely nice of you to appreciate young minds. I am sure your students benefit a lot from you.

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hi Lubna,

      I am well aware of your established status as a CA and your specialization in Taxation. Several readers of your blog view and acknowledge your awesome creativity and writing skills. Your deep commitment to social causes is so inspiring. I am proud to have your link in my blog.

      The role of a learner gives me ‘freedom’ to remain lighthearted and full of fun.🙂

      I am honored by your visit,


  14. Vedant says:

    Hi Sir

    It really being a pleasure for me that I am participating in it. I still remember those days as I spent like yesterday. Your words still inspire me a lot to cope up in difficult situations.

    A Great Leader makes a leader by sharing his experiences.

    I am wishing you in a Army way


    • dilipnaidu says:

      Ha ha its always a pleasure to hear from you I am so glad that we all are connected through this amazing medium. With my best regards!

      And of course – CHEERS🙂

  15. Harshad says:

    Dear Sir,

    It was a matter of great fortune for all of us at TASMAC who had you as our teacher. We learned lot more than just few topics and subject from you. Your ever smiling face was always the source of huge amount of positive vibes in the class and the way you would make us feel comfortable even during the presentations is a very rare quality.

    Now that we do not have a chance to sit for your lectures in the class room, I am really glad that you have started blogging and thus you would still be part of our lives…

    Looking forward to read more and more of your thoughts through your blogs in future …

    yours truely

    Harshad R. Pendse

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Dear Harshad,

      I am honored by your visit to my blog. Your presence in the class always added dignity and maturity to all including me. Your views were distinct as they were based on your rich experience.

      Although you guys have been a bit too kind with comments the feeling of re-establishing our contacts really thrills me.

      Thank you Harshad and continue to do well in life!


  16. Sashi says:

    Dear Sir,

    Today I can’t express my happiness by coming through
    your blog. I am really amazed by your love and affection towards students. I am overwhelmed by seeing you among students in the photos. Your sentence ” you are leaders of tomorrow ” . We all your loving students have to work as per your vision to establish our India as an world leader in every field i.e. education, technology,politics,business,etc. The Power Of Belief In Self will change the things.

    Thank you for inspiring me at every moment.

    With regards

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Dear Sashi,

      I remember vividly in your Semester 1 when the general manager of General Motors Pune after his talk had asked you a tough question you were quite unfazed and eloquent. He as well as the audience were amazed at a rookie freshers ‘Power Of Belief In Self’.

      Thank you!

  17. Shantanu says:

    I’m really humbled by your nice words on the post for me. Such comments from you means really a lot for me, it’s actually huge. I’ve seen that some people after a certain ‘experience(s)’ freeze-up, have fixed notions, but on the other hand I find you ready to learn, explore, absorb, apply… that is really fantastic and speaks volumes about you.

    I agree with Manish in the above comment that energy and creativity when given a proper direction with an experienced hand like yours, watching their back, creates wonders.

    This world of technology has really worked wonders for the adapters of it; it has broken barriers of not just time and distance but of age as well. One feels so naive reading and exploring newer technologies that are seeing the light of the day thick and fast.
    Technology is power, and power corrupts. I just hope that all of us who are using this tech. understand and use it responsibly.

    It is a real privilege to know you, not just as a teacher but also as a friend, philosopher and a guide.

    • Dilip Naidu says:

      Yes Shantanu your regular feed back despite your preoccupations is always welcome and of great value. All you guys in are busy professionals. Yet you make time to keep in touch. Isn’t that lovely?

      Thank you and all the best!

  18. The moment I heard from you about the posting update, I was restless till I got a chance to browse thru the entry… It really takes a lot to become so humble for yourself!

    Youth symbolize energy and creativity. These when channelized through the right gateway creates magic. And such role of a selfless ringmaster is pursued by Gurus like you. I really feel blessed & privileged of having you as my Guru. Belated.. ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’. Thanks for as your student.

    • Dilip Naidu says:

      Hey Manish you said it “Youth symbolize energy and creativity”. I love to read your critical comments in my posts. But in this one let me share with you that ‘I ain’t no guru’🙂 there is so much to learn from each other. I feel that is the key to grow. Thanks for ‘Teachers Day’. Do keep in touch.

  19. Prachiti says:

    Dear Sir,

    I agree with Jigar. I still remember your lecture on Emotional Intelligence in SHRM class. That gave a different aspect to look at human capital.

    Thank you sir for always being a cheerful leader You lead by example.


    • Dilip Naidu says:

      Hey Prachiti,

      Perhaps EI becomes interesting not only because it is a necessity in today’s times as also because of the ‘freewheeling’ approach we follow. Participants are candid in sharing their own experience which are enriching for all including the tutor.

      My favorite question in live interview sessions is ‘how do you handle stress?’. Some of the answers from the Generation Y folks sound simple yet are very effective.

      Thanks for your kind words ans wish you all the best!

      Best regards🙂

  20. dilipnaidu says:

    My Dear Jigar,

    That’s a lovely comment! But it’s all mutual believe me! Its you guys who generate the energy and enthusiasm!

    Yeah I too miss not having pictures of all our earlier batches. I started blogging after you wonderful people passed the final semester!

    Cheers and do keep in touch!

    Regards and keep🙂

  21. Jigar Patel says:

    Dear Sir,

    It’s indeed pleasure to comment on your perceptions about us. In fact in your class I have never seen anybody saying when will this class get over as it was full with enthusiasm and energy which made the class lively.

    (our class photo is not there)

    Jigar Patel

  22. Ashwini Pol says:

    Dear sir, it is amazing how you perceive young people and feel that they are your inspiration. It shows your commitment towards teaching and I am great full to you for your classroom lessons about Strategic HRM and for your patience for those long class room discussions…

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Ashwini it is always-always the students who inspire the ‘tutor’. The rest just happens. So I sincerely thank you folks and you – just keep that smile! :))

      (I believe you are doing great stuff at Wipro)

  23. Chintan Joshi says:

    My Young friends- My Inspiration; Its shows the way Mr. Dilip Naidu approach towards students and how its endless efforts focus on continuous learning

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Chintan I will always remember you as ‘Cheerful Chintan’:) You were always a great support! Thank you I appreciate your kind words.

  24. Thank you for sharing this inspiring organisation… I think it is a very brilliant way of “a transferable networking model” that could support a lot of egroups to evolve on global concepts.

    • Dilip Naidu says:

      Your comments are very encouraging and resonate beautifully with the spirit of this blog! It is indeed very gracious of you. I tracked back and discovered that you belong to some amazing worldwide groups such as the ‘International Mothering Consortium (IMC) UK – Promoting Sustainable Social & Economic Integration’, ‘The Goodwill Ambassador’s of the World’ and ‘Globcal Social Networking Cooperative’.

      Thank you!

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