Shiva Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and the Maha Gayatri Mantra.

(1)   The Shiva Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

9 times chanting of Shiv Mantra by Shri Ashwinkumar Pathak (Uploaded on youtube by Shri Nitishjani)
The Mahamrityunjaya is one of the more potent of the ancient Sanskrit mantras. It eliminates ‘fear’ and strengthens the mind. Maha mrityunjaya is a call for enlightenment and is a practice of purifying the karmas of the soul at a deep level. It is also said to be quite beneficial for mental, emotional, and physical health.

(2)    The Maha Gayatri Mantra

(Created by Enigma 1990 on ‘you tube’)

(From Wikipedia) The Gayatri Mantra: Considered to be the holiest verse of the Vedas, has been paraphrased in different ways. The original Sanskrit is in the shape of a Vedic mantra and forms a formula for daily devotion for worldwide.

Interpretation by Sir William Jones

“Let us adore the supremacy of that Divine Sun, the Godhead, who illuminates all, who recreates all, from whom all proceed, to whom all must return, whom we invoke to direct our understanding aright in our progress towards his holy seat.”

Interpretation by Arya Samaj

“O God, Thou art the giver of life, the remover of pain and sorrow, the bestower of happiness; O Creator of the Universe, may we receive Thy supreme sin-destroying light; may Thou guide our intellect in the right direction.”


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7 responses

  1. MariaMRoman says:

    I am commenting on the Gayatri Mantra version by Enigma1990. I also like the version by Ravi Shankar. This was my first YouTube experience, in the spring/summer of 2010. I was looking up the deity Kali and there was a link to pronounce a mantra. I do enjoy the pictures of the dieties. Especially the one of Lord Shiva seated and having beads all over him and snakes behind him and a tiger skin on. There is just something very interesting that is drawing me in about this. Somehow the music also makes my body want to move almost effortlessly in my little space where my computer is. I am not a Hindu or anything. I was “raised” Catholic. But that’s another story I could write many volumes on.


    • dilipnaidu says:

      Welcome! The Gayatri Mantra is indeed powerful and we find it very soothing too. It does not matter whether one is Hindu or any other religion as we respect all religions. Glad you liked the You Tube version of Enigma 1990. Kind regards & thanks.


  2. roshannasidneyevans says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful translations of the words I so enjoy the softeness of the letters together. Will check out Utube.
    Very thoughtful blogs!


  3. emilylistman says:

    Thank you for sharing these mantras! Very cool! We must remember that, while the mantras have power on their own, we must understand their meaning and put intent into that meaning as we are chanting. Fun!


    • dilipnaidu says:

      You are so right. The Sanskrit lines are difficult but even if we grasp the essence of the whole mantra it acts deeper. I wish to thank you for sharing your thoughts. For a new blogger like me it means a lot. Cheers.


  4. dilipnaidu says:

    My friend once wrote the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra for me and asked me to recite it often. At that moment I felt it is impossible for me to get the Sanskrit pronunciation right. Then one day I happened to listen to it on ‘You Tube’. I was mesmerized and inspired to learn it. You are right reciting the mantra has a powerful effect and brings you in the present. Thanks for sharing and wish you all the best.


  5. Banu H says:

    I believe that Mantra’s are powerful in the sense that chanting them can positively alter the magnetic fields that sorround us which can be beneficial to us. Plus there is the soothing calming effect of the Mantra in times of stress. I myself recite the Maha Mrityunjaya japa everyday and it feels great. My Grandpa once told me that there is freedom in discipline. Choosing to recite Mantra daily frees the mind from thinking about what to do for that portion of time. 🙂 I wish I was more disciplined in other matters as well.. Oh Well…keep trying and keep working towards it.